Baidu MediaGo Ad Platform

Baidu MediaGo Ad Platform

MediaGo is a global AI-integrated marketing platform under the Baidu Global brand. MediaGo inherited Baidu Global's mission of "Empowering global business growth using AI" and provides global cross-media integrated marketing solutions, including programmatic advertising, advertising reselling, and AI-backed recommendations for more than 10,000 companies. Available to customers in East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America, MediaGo is committed to building an AI advertising engine that leverages media context to achieve precision marketing in the post privacy era. With leading AI technology and a professional service team, MediaGo helps clients rapidly expand into the global market and enhance their international influence.

Programmatic Advertising
MediaGo is committed to building an AI-driven advertising engine that leverages media context to achieve precision marketing. MediaGo utilizes its technology to manage the media placement, efficiently track multi-channel traffic sources and avoid resource waste caused by complex media buying. The AI algorithms can automatically determine target audiences and optimize bidding strategies and media placement to help clients achieve their global marketing goals.

Advertising Reselling
MediaGo is an official strategic partner of high-quality platforms such as Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit and Quora. The MediaGo platform is committed to developing new opportunities for global traffic for clients and helping clients effectively acquire customers, using these high-quality media platform partnerships. Through core business sectors, such as media placements, brand strategy consulting, localization operations and new media big data services, we help clients grow rapidly with our excellent brand creativity, rich content materials, and precise advertising reselling services.

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Gino Aynagas
Gino Aynagas
Head of Native Ad Sales
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